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During COVID quarantine, our high school TV news staff had a lot of time to discuss where we each sourced our news. All answers pointed to social media. We started to pitch ideas and design a template. That template would go on to become our Snapchat newscast, CPTV News QuickCUT. This roughly five minute newscast features local, national and international news and sports with a quick regional weather forecast. The November 11, 2021 newscast was recently awarded the NATAS National Student Production Award and our January 23, 2023 newscast is currently nominated for a 2nd NSPA. This November 3rd, 2022 episode, like all our episodes, concludes with plugs for our other social media sites.

All staff members have a CPTV News Twitter account. We use our accounts to communicate quickly with our audience and connect them to the latest breaking news. Below are some examples in which I used Twitter to connect and engage with those who follow CPTV News and  


Crown Town Media is the name of our media program at CPHS which includes our TV broadcast, radio, newspaper, yearbook and record label programs. Roughly six years ago all of our media programs converged together and began the process of multi-media convergence. In November 2023, our school networks and servers were hacked and held for ransom. We took this opportunity to rebuild and rebrand. Below is a screenshot of our website which went live in January 2023. The staff continues to build content and all staff are responsible for connecting stories to other forms of media and their social media as well. I'm was responsible for uploading newscasts, collaborating with the newspaper staff and routinely updating our social media feeds. 

CTM website rev.jpg
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